Running and growing a division, a business unit, or an enterprise can be one of life's most exciting and challenging experiences. People who've done it – and done it well – can seldom walk off into the sunset and leave it all behind. If you've earned a reputation as a dynamic, successful business executive, you may have the credentials and talent to help our clients with their business challenges. If you're energized by situations where you work with other smart, dedicated leaders to solve problems, keep a business on the right track, and create value for investors, we may have the right engagement for you. If you're like most of our affiliates, you've served as a CEO or a president or worked in a CxO capacity. z2m4 Advisors management consultants are also experienced in change management and have handled an extraordinary number of business challenges, including:

  • startups
  • initial public offerings
  • accelerated growth
  • divestitures
  • consolidations
  • turnarounds
  • introductions of new products or services, and
  • major technology developments and integrations.

If this sounds interesting, we hope you'll contact us at so we can tell you about what may be one of the most challenging and satisfying experiences of your career.