z2m4 Advisors has earned a reputation for its skill in unlocking an organization's potential and dramatically improving portfolio company performance. Our success is the result of our proven method for evaluating risk, defining proper direction, executing the plan, and delivering value to investors, employees and customers.

The z2m4 Advisors Method

Our z24m method is founded on the time-tested Bell-Mason Diagnostic for company assessment and development. To that we've added new thinking derived from numerous successful high-tech, high-growth organizations. We’ve fine-tuned our system with the insights acquired during decades of serving organizations at every stage of maturity. The result is a structured and disciplined framework for organizational growth and change, which we apply and adapt to each assignment.

Central to our success are our executives. We've assembled a corps of former CEOs and CxOs who have demonstrated their ability to achieve results, build value, and satisfy investor expectations. As a client, you'll meet with one of our principals to discuss the needs of your business. Your requirements will then be paired with the unique expertise and experience of z2m4 Advisors's partners and affiliates. Next you'll meet with one or more candidate executives to assure your satisfaction with his or her credentials and proposed approach.

Once we have aligned the "who" of our management consultants with the "what" of your expectations, we'll collaborate on a compensation arrangement that takes into consideration the length of the project and the challenges involved.

On the Job

Once on the job, our executives quickly step into the shoes we're filling and become an integral part of the senior management team. In many cases, we work in close collaboration with the board of directors. What you experience is a seamless blend of the experience, judgment, and maturity of our executives with the know-how of your management and staff. Throughout this process of value building, you'll be fully informed about our activities and our plans for meeting your expectations.

We welcome conversation to discuss how we can work together, fulfill the goals of your business and satisfy your investment objectives