What we do is what needs to be done to protect your investment, build your business and achieve your objectives. z2m4 Advisors partners and affiliates have the skill, experience, and wisdom to energize your enterprise, drive growth and substantially increase value.

The established enterprise that's on the right track and needs to stay there, the company that needs a new direction, the fast-growth newco managing to milestones – each of these will benefit from seasoned z2m4 Advisors leadership. Our engagements can be categorized as:

Transitional Leadership & Management Consulting


During a period of rapid expansion, cycle time becomes critical and often determines success or failure, especially in new or emerging markets. Companies face many challenges in a high-velocity, fast-changing environment. Successful fast-growing businesses need to rapidly assemble the people, the technology, the partnerships and the dollars necessary to reach critical mass.

z2m4 Advisors provides these vital resources to you when it matters most -- during the expansion phase of your emerging company, line of business or innovative new product or service. Using our Transitional Leadership blueprint for success, we work with managers, investors and board members to build tomorrow's market leaders. z2m4 Advisors delivers the business savvy, leadership and seasoned professionals needed to ensure the sustainable success of your rapidly growing business.


While z2m4 Advisors isn't a traditional turnaround firm, our team knows what it takes to inject new ideas and infuse new methods into a troubled company. We work on location with existing management, staff, partners and customers to diagnose the problem. We chart the right course and implement new plans until the organization is once more creating value. If a redirection, overhaul, or repair doesn't make sense, we'll work with you to determine the best course of action to safeguard your investment.

Venture Capital Validation & Due Diligence

Venture Validation

You’ve been there before…long in an investment. It was just another $50,000 and you turned a moderate success into a huge win. As well, there’ve been those where the next $1,000,000 was good money after bad. So, how to decide? Have a z2m4 Advisors partner evaluate the situation on your behalf.

With a critical and experienced eye on the opportunity, we’ll determine what’s really happening; evaluate the wisdom of additional investment and how best to move the business forward to achieve the results you expect.

Due Diligence

In a market short on attractive opportunities to deploy your capital, it’s tough finding the deals you want to do. When the competition to fund is fierce, accurate and timely due diligence is crucial to getting them done.

z2m4 Advisors’s team of experienced executives work along side your investment professionals, adding the subject matter expertise and operating company experience you need to make quick, yet thoughtful, decisions. Rather than relying solely syndicate co-investors and industry analysts, you’ll benefit from z2m4 Advisors’s proprietary method - including our due diligence scorecard, proven effective on dozens of engagements. The result…informed, independent decisions, enabling you to achieve the returns you expect.

Financial Advisory

Equity Financing

Your company is right on track, where you expected to be with the financing that got you here. What’s needed now is access to capital to finance continued growth and expansion.

You’ve already determined that a new lead is needed to price the next round but the ideal investor is outside the syndicate with whom you ordinarily invest. That’s where z2m4 Advisors plays a part.

We do more than just find interested investors. Our angel investor and venture capital network are individuals and professional capital managers who’ve invested with us before. We’ll find the firms whose experience in your space results in new contacts, new customers and more revenue.

Buy & Sell Side Transactions

Targeted strategic investments can change the dynamics of an entire market. To some that means buying a competitor; for others it’s creating a national presence with the size and scale that comes from aggregating many smaller regional players.

Alternatively, success is sometimes defined by "cashing out" or transactions that create liquidity taken. This happens when a company is merged, acquired or registers its shares through an initial public offering.

From whichever side of the transaction you sit, every buy and sell side transaction needs to be planned carefully, complementing the vision of the founders and compensating shareholders for the risks they have taken. z2m4 Advisors has been instrumental in assisting client companies plan and execute their invest/divest strategies.