Later Stage Financing

z2m4 Advisors provides capital advisory services enabling companies to maximize their value and position themselves for liquidity. While partners do occasionally make direct investments in early stage technology newco’s, z2m4 Advisors is not itself a direct source of growth capital. Our objective is to help companies achieve valuations that balance optimal equity investment and minimal shareholder dilution. z2m4 Advisors’s rigorous strategy, planning and execution services make your company more attractive to investors. We offer valuation analysis and guidance; assisting clients negotiate the terms of private equity investments to grow their business.

Later-stage venture financing can be obtained through equity, debt or debt/equity financing. However, debt financing is a more suitable investment vehicle for later-stage companies as such companies usually have strong assets and positive cash-flow that doesn't require them to give up a substantial part of their business.

Relationships That Count

But, the best plan in the world is useless unless it is presented to the right people. z2m4 Advisors helps clients identify and target the right investors for their company.

z2m4 Advisors has developed strong relationships in the investment community, along with a carefully guarded reputation for bringing good companies to the attention of investors. We are in active communication with dozens of VC funds and maintains a database of hundreds of investors, including angel, venture capital and corporate strategic investors. Investors know we have done rigorous screening beforehand and will only introduce companies that have real substance and potential. As a result, our deals get read and our deals get done. Our services may help your company be part of the select few that get venture funding.

Key-Decision Advisory

Every entrepreneur in a growing business faces the challenge to make key decisions. In the early stages of a company, these decisions can occur daily.

Often decisions are made without the necessary research and analysis, based purlely on "gut feeling". This frequently results in weak operating plans and companies experiencing "unexpected surprises".

z2m4 Advisors actively advises companies on their key-decision making. These key decisions are often made by top management or the board of directors and almost always require quick turnaround.

What We Do

We advise entrepreneurs on the impact a key decision can have on their company and why it is favorable or not favorable to proceed with such a decision. Most companies that retain z2m4 Advisors for key-decision advisory later retain z2m4 Advisors for business strategy services..

Business Exit Advisory

Success for many entrepreneurs is defined, in part, by "cashing out". This happens when a company is merged, acquired or registers its shares through an initial public offering. An exit strategy needs to be planned carefully, complementing the vision of the founders and compensating shareholders for the risks they have taken.

Which business exit option to choose can often be a difficult decision to make. Generally, an initial public offering (IPO) provides for the largest liquidity yet, it often restricts the company and exposes the company's every move to the eye of the public markets.

As the public markets continue to sort out and absorb the abundance of new market entrants, mergers and acquisitions provide a robust growth vehicle often best suited for firms seeking to maximize the value of the asset created. High levels of interest in emerging IT services and enabling technology firms translates into a very favorable environment for sellers. However, there can be a vast range of interest and valuations for public and private firms based upon the buyer's and market's perspective of the business.

How We Do It

z2m4 Advisors assists companies with their initial evaluations on which exit strategy to choose. Next, we effectively position your company in the most favorable light to attract market interest while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your firm. We identify multiple strategic buyers to assure a premium price and offer key industry information to support your business and investment decisions.

Contact z2m4 Advisors to discuss how we can help you weigh the alternatives.