Business Plan Creation

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.

Dale Carnegie

Every venture capitalist uses a variety of tools and ratios to analyze potential investments. Their analysis is based on the vital information provided by the entrepreneur in his or her business plan.
While business plans are commonly used to attract venture capital, they are also a vital guide and imperative to the company's success. Therefore, a business plan that is created solely to convince investors is a bad plan to begin with.

What We Do

z2m4 Advisors provides assistance to entrepreneurs with the creation of their business plans. A common scenario would describe an entrepreneur that has started on the basics of a plan but is unable to perfect and finalize it. Financial projections, industry research and a proper presentation of the investment opportunity are critical areas that are often neglected.

If you are an entrepreneur and have vision and passion for your business, z2m4 Advisors can help you create a business plan that will become a key tool for the success of your future business and venture financing.

Business Plan Review

Each year, z2m4 Advisors reviews business plans to evaluate a company's suitability for an equity investment. Our managing partners and investment professionals understand what investors are looking for when evaluating an opportunity. Our consulting group is now sharing this expertise with you through our business plan review service.

After having reviewed and studied your business plan and executive summary, our investment professionals will provide a 3 to 5 page report within 2 business days, highlighting the opportunities for improvement as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your plan. Your report will provide detailed information such as:

  • Areas in need of improvement and additional work
  • Areas that will alarm potential investors
  • Quality of financial statements
  • Overall presentation quality
  • Quality of Executive Summary pitch

In addition to our feedback and suggestions, you will receive a score in each area and an overall composite score to help you assess the quality of your investment package.

Financial Advisory

Successful businesses live and die by the numbers. Raising and using capital efficiently to achieve results that matter is critical to maximizing shareholder return..It’s all about the financial strategy, process and execution that gets you there. We understand this because we have accomplished these results in our own companies and with our client companies.

z2m4 Advisors provides financial advisory to companies in their startup, growth or corporate phases. We provide services that strengthen the future financial health of a company, including advisory on business growth, equity and debt financing, preparedness for economic downturns, maintenance of strong financial ratios and company valuations.

Business Strategy

As former operating company executives and investors, we often come across entrepreneurs that have brilliant ideas but lack the strategy to bring their businesses from A to B.

Running a business without strategy often results in failure of the company or strong limitations on the company's growth. Business strategy could essentially be defined as building a plan, optimizing it and executing it with careful monitoring.

z2m4 Advisors provides business strategy services to companies, commonly assisting businesses with product, service and management strategy implementation as well as key adjustments to their existing business plan.

Management Building

Companies don't fail, people do. Any successful investor knows that management is the key to a successful business. It is commonly believed that the right management team can create significant value with companies that had been experiencing only modest success with mediocre leadership.

A primary reason for business failure is entrepreneurs that are driven to achieve ultimate success by doing everything themselves. For these managers it is hard to understand how negatively this impacts their business. In contrast, large corporations are frequently overstaffed and filled with positions that make it difficult to respond rapidly in fast changing markets with nimble competitors.

What We Do

z2m4 Advisors believes the right approach to management building is dependent on a thorough analysis of needs and budgets rationalized with the overarching corporate strategy. Our team assists companies by creating management plans and policies, screening potential team members and implementing incentive-based programs that increase productivity and deliver bottom-line results.

Early-Stage Financing

z2m4 Advisors provides capital advisory services enabling companies to maximize their value and position themselves for liquidity. While partners do occasionally make direct investments in early stage technology newco’s, z2m4 Advisors is not itself a direct source of growth capital. Our objective is to help companies achieve valuations that balance optimal equity investment and minimal shareholder dilution. z2m4 Advisors’s rigorous strategy, planning and execution services make your company more attractive to investors. We offer valuation analysis and guidance; assisting clients negotiate the terms of private equity investments to grow their business.

Relationships That Count

But, the best plan in the world is useless unless it is presented to the right people. z2m4 Advisors helps clients identify and target the right investors for their company. z2m4 Advisors has developed strong relationships in the investment community, along with a carefully guarded reputation for bringing good companies to the attention of investors.

We are in active communication with dozens of VC funds and maintain a database of hundreds of investors, including angel, venture capital and corporate strategic investors. Investors know we have done rigorous screening beforehand and will only introduce companies that have real substance and potential. As a result, our deals get read and our deals get done. Our services may help your company be part of the select few that get venture funding.