Experience coupled with expertise and business judgment can achieve virtually any goal. These are the qualities we look for in choosing members of z2m4 Advisors's cadre of former CEOs, presidents, and CxOs. While virtually anyone can cut FTE's, hack budgets, and peel away assets, it takes understanding, objectivity, and prudence to optimize operations in a high growth, high tech enterprise. It takes experience, careful thinking and decisive action to renovate a company that is failing. Our management experts have led many different kinds of organizations in many disparate industries. Among the areas in which they've worked:

  • Start-up newco's and emerging companies
  • Market stage enterprises and established corporations
  • Accelerated growth
  • New product launches
  • Restarts, bailouts and turnarounds
  • Acquisitions, rollups and consolidations

They view your company from an investor and entrepreneur's points of view, and their wealth of business connections can make a substantial difference in increasing the effectiveness and profitability of your enterprise. If the need arises, the z2m4 Advisors partner you bring on board can access hundreds of years of combined experience of our staff of affiliates and pool of talent. Imagine what that can mean to the well being of your organization.


z2m4 Advisors Management Consultant Profiles

z2m4 Advisors is the shortest distance between an idea and successful new venture.

Partners work side-by-side with clients as plans are put into action and results are quickly achieved. Each partner brings more than twenty years of industry and functional experience.

Teams are built around each client's challenges, combining experience and expertise in:

  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Executive Management
  • Strategic Financing
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Technical Planning and Design
  • Process Architecture and Engineering
  • New Product Development
  • Operations Management
  • Sales and Channel Development
  • Product Management and Market Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Functional Specialist (Finance, Sales, Marketing, Engineering)


Our Affiliates

The difference is our people. z2m4 Advisors provides clients with access to our asset...intellectual capital - built on decades of industry specific experience.

z2m4 Advisors's affiliates are former executives with subject matter expertise in your industry. Each affiliate brings the hands on expertise needed to accelerate business growth, while skillfully avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls that otherwise slow things down. As a result, they have a deep knowledge and understanding of the varied issues that keep you awake at night.

To ensure we exceed your expectations, z2m4 Advisors leverages our network of independent consultants...many of whom are former colleagues that worked for us in operating company roles previously.

Our affiliate screening process is extraordinarily rigorous. Each and every management consultant must have a demonstrable track record and renowned reputation in one or more roles related to your industry. Additionally, they must bring global leadership know-how to each and every engagement. These tenured professionals offer a broad range of experience and transfer their knowledge as an integral component of the structured solution we deliver.

Pool of Talent

Our partnership structure is designed to provide experience and expertise in a wide variety of areas. In addition to the partner and affiliate team, a key part of our approach to working with companies is drawing from the z2m4 Advisors Consulting Pool of Talent. We carefully match the skills and background of these management consultants to the needs of each client on a project basis.

The Pool of Talent we've assembled is an experienced, dynamic and talented group comprised of technology company all-stars who've played principal roles in successful ventures of all types. They have hands-on experience building organizations, bringing the skills and credentials to help our clients build their businesses. They enjoy working with our clients to contribute their knowledge, share their experience and, most importantly ensure the achievement of your objectives.

If you think you might be interested in joining the z24m Pool of Talent, email us at pooloftalent@z2m4.com.

What's In Our Name?

Question: z2m4 Advisors – what kind of name is that?
Answer: It's an acronym for "Zol zein mit mazel." Loosely translated from Yiddish, it means, "It should be with good luck."

Question: But shouldn't it be "z2m2?"? Why "m4"?
Answer: Because we've added a double portion of luck.

You see, a venture may be by experienced all-stars who are bright, capable, and highly motivated. Assembling a winning team, however, doesn't guarantee a winning company.

The business may may have the backing of top-shelf investors with a track record of outsized returns. It may even be the industry leader in a thriving market. Yet, the difference between moderate prosperity and booming success often is just sheer luck.

While z2m4 Advisors brings know-how, energy and leadership to its clients, we work hard to add that essential, extra ingredient sheer luck, and a double portion of it. That's z2m4 Advisors!