Sales Enablement

We develop economic value models of your offering that convey compelling value to your customers and ecosystem. These models are used to attract the right customers, shorten the sales cycle, increase the win rate, and reduce discounting.

Competitive Positioning

We discover and analyze customer value, competitor value claims, customer perceptions, and customer requirements of the market to deliver clear segmentation, competitive positioning, and messaging. Our approach allows you to focus on the sweet spots in the market with compelling messaging resulting in greater operational efficiency and higher win rates.

Price Improvement

Our techniques to deliver price improvement range from corporate strategy review to granular analysis of transaction data. We make recommendations on pricing strategy, bundling, list price, discounts, and negotiation tactics. The result is profit improvements in excess of 10%.

At z2m4, we specialize in value based marketing for high technology companies

Our emphasis on value is motivated by the following issues with marketing in many technology companies:

  • Humdrum, feature-oriented, speeds-and-feeds product messaging or uncorroborated benefit-oriented messaging
  • Cost-plus or competition based pricing that (routinely) leaves money on the table
  • Market segmentation that glosses over key differences in customer requirements and willingness-to-pay


  • z2m4 analytically clarified the sweetest spots in our market and defined a way to pinpoint exactly when we should invest sales resource for a particular customer. We now focus on the right 5% of our customer and prospect database. Of course, we are more efficient, but more importantly we close more deals.

    CEO of Leading B2B Real Estate Information Service

  • We engaged z2m4 to validate our pricing prior to a new release. However, their work went far beyond validation to recommend practical price improvement methods that have given us a 2.5% price lift on our largest revenue stream.

    VP Product Management of Storage Technology Company

  • z2m4 brilliantly illuminated our opportunities for leverage and competitive advantage through their value based approach to market validation and product strategy. It was essential to our product roadmap and messaging.

    VP Marketing of Networking Technology Company